Endurathon 54.0


1954. The Portuguese cede control of Dadra & Nagar Haveli to Indian Nationalists. The UT Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli invites you to celebrate the spirit of struggle, achievement and liberation. Endurathon 54.0.

Our race begins at the picturesque Dudhani Jetty. Awaken to the gentle pre-dawn glow across Dudhani Lake. Warm up in the crisp morning air. A morning cuppa would not be amiss at this time!

You will run through charming village hamlets. Greet a friendly people, who may be quite amused or bemused by your early morning exertions. Watch out for that over friendly cow or a flock of meandering goats! It's really quite peaceful and pastoral.

A little into this stretch the road begins to climb, dip, twist and turn with rather regular frequency. We're fairly certain, even a route recce will not prepare you completely for this. It slowly builds into a rollercoaster. You will live from one climb to the next. One sharp or steep descent to the other. One unsuspected twist in the tale to the next. It's, tough. Gruelling, even. Challenging to say the least. Thirteen kilometres from Umarvarni to Madhuban Dam. Then you turn back.

Endurathon 54.0 is a true test of Endurance, Grit and a Determination to Prevail against All Odds. It's a race to make you dig deep. This will be a test of willpower and fortitude. You'll want to give up. You will despair. You will find that inner courage to keep going. One climb at a time. One more downward slope. You will call upon leaden feet and tired limbs, to push on. Not harder, not faster. Just to get you through. You will call upon all the Gods of Running to bear witness that you may have faltered, but did not stop. You may have stumbled, but did not fall. You will emerge, phoenix like. From the ashes of despair, pain and much trial and tribulation. To cross that Finish Line to Exhilaration and Ecstasy. You will run the Endurathon 54.0 and emerge stronger, cleaner, whole and more complete as a runner. You will come away with an appreciation for the challenge. You will vow to train harder. To go back there and run those wonderful, heartbreaking fifty four kilometres again.

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